​with food and with yourself.


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  • Food for the Soul:  A Mind-Body Approach to Better Health and Wellness

             Topics:  Cultural, lifestyle and environmental influences on diet; tips for a healthy diet; mindful eating; steps to better health

  • Freedom from Emotional Eating

             Topics:  How stress physiology affects diet, appetite and metabolism; food as a symbolic substitute for connection; steps for a healthier                 relationship with food; EFT/Tapping​​

  • Weigh Less, Live More

             Topics:  Societal and environmental issues that make weight loss challenging; stress and emotional eating; why diets don’t work; safe                       ways to lose weight and keep it off

  • Wellness at Work

             Topics:  Ways the work environment influences diet and health; how food choices can support mental focus and energy levels; simple                     stress reduction strategies at work; incorporating physical activity into your work day; healthy lunches and potlucks

  • Eating for Energy and Better Health

             Topics:  Factors that contribute to energy and vitality; foods that decrease energy; how super foods increase energy and promote                            health; self-care tips

  • Green Smoothies:  An Easy and Practical Way to Better Health

              Topics:  Benefits of green smoothies including acid/alkaline balance, weight loss, reduction of cravings; types of greens; tips and recipes                for delicious smoothies

  • Detoxing your Shopping Cart

             Topics:  Toxic chemicals in food, hygiene and cleaning products; chemical regulations; how to reduce exposure to toxins through food                       choices and selection of personal care products; diet and skin care tips

  • Confusion and Controversy:  Clearing up Nutrition Facts

              Topics:  How food policy and politics influence nutrition guidelines; food fads and trendy diets; conflicting dietary theories; evidence-                      based nutrition recommendations

  • 10 Ways to Nourish Yourself with Radical Self-Care

              Topics:  Healthy nutrition; mind-body practices; how to reduce inflammation; relationships with others; supplements, exercise, sleep,                      and  other self-care routines

  • Food & Fun:  Family-friendly Tips for Healthy Meals

             Topics:  Baby steps toward healthy eating; kid-friendly meals; teaching kids to be label detectives; healthy sweet alternatives; fun food                   preparation; healthy eating on a budget

  • Women’s Health:  Strategies for Self-Care

             Topics:  Women’s roles and the impact on health; setting boundaries; nourishing our bodies with whole foods; nourishing our spirit with                 our passions; self-care strategies

  • Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby:  Nutrition During Pregnancy, Postpartum and Breastfeeding

             Topics:  Dietary recommendations during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding; infant feeding; self-care strategies for mom

Salud y Alegría Wellnessoffers a variety of interactive workshops on nutrition and wellness that provide the information, tools and strategies for optimal health and wellbeing using a holistic, mind-body approach.  Workshops can be conducted at worksites, community centers, yoga and fitness studios, wellness centers or other spaces.  Following is a list of workshops that can be presented to small or medium-sized groups (5-25+).  Workshops can also be tailored to the specific needs and interests of an audience.  

Luz Chacón, MPH
Certified Health Coach

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