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Worksite Wellness

Salud y Alegría Wellness is prepared to work with your  organization to improve employee health and/or make wellness an integral part of the agency’s culture.  Services will be tailored to your workplace’s needs and include anything from a one-time health promotion event to development of an agency-wide policy and strategies designed to support healthy behavior.  Specific steps and activities can include:

A healthy workforce is essential to productivity and can reduce costs associated with insurance and absenteeism.   While large corporations and their employees have long benefitted from worksite wellness programs, it’s time for nonprofit agencies to reap the same rewards.  Working in the human services field and contributing to a better society is gratifying, but it can also be challenging and stressful and lead to burnout and compassion fatigue, especially if employees are not prioritizing their self-care.  Healthy, happy employees are not only more productive, but can also serve as better role models for the clients they are serving.  

  • Worksite health assessment, including employee surveys​
  • Nutrition and wellness workshops - click here for sample topics
  • Individual and/or group coaching on weight management
  • Development of a wellness committee
  • Technical assistance aimed at developing workplace policies and programs to reduce health risks and improve employee wellness

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Luz Chacón, MPH
Certified Health Coach