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Free Wellness Assessment

The fact that you’re still reading this page, tells me that you’re ready to change your life.

You have nothing to lose! We’ll spend a powerful hour together and if you decide that my services are not the right fit for you, that will be it. There are no obligations or commitments and there will be no hard feelings.

I invite you to book an appointment today. My calendar fills up quickly!

Click the button below and it will take you to my contact page. There you will see the number you can call to reach me. If you’d prefer, you can fill out the contact page by entering your name, email address and sending a message to request an appointment for the Free Wellness Assessment. Be sure to click the submit button!

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Do you struggle with cravings or sugar/carb addiction?

Have you tried to eat healthier, but struggle to make the habits stick?

Do you overindulge or make unhealthy eating choices when you're feeling stressed, bored, lonely or experiencing other difficult emotions?

Join me for a free one-hour wellness assessment to explore your needs, challenges and the strategies that can help you reach your goals.   I will walk you through a process that will allow you to envision the life and health you want, and help you get clear about what's been holding you back from getting there.