​​​​​​​Inspiring a healthy relationship...

​with food and with yourself!


"My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were to gain control of my stress levels, overcome my emotional eating traumas, and regain focus of my passions. Luz helped me reach my goals by being a complete support system by steering my focus more towards my strengths and encouraging me to do more of what works and less of what hasn't. Eating is a different experience for me now and I love the fact that I have gained so much control over such a significant part of my life. I would recommend Luz to anyone ready to dive deep within themselves to release their past and move forward into a personal freedom and love for life never before realized. It would behoove anyone needing a gentle reality check to give this program a chance." (A.J., 1/23/17)

"Luz was extremely helpful in helping me reach my goals.  I'm more mindful of what I eat.  I now pay attention to how my body feels after I eat any meal.  I also started walking more.  Emotionally, I feel stronger.  I feel that Tapping has really helped in dealing with a lot of emotional issues that are connected with my eating habits.  Compassionate and kind, Luz really has my best interests at heart.  She wants her clients to live a healthy, happy life and understands how to make these big changes." (P.M., 9/28/16)

"Luz Chacon coached my 13-year-old daughter and me for 6 months.  She always came prepared with handouts, worksheets and activities that went deep.  I learned about myself in a safe way since she listened well with lots of understanding and no judgments.  I learned about nutrition and juicing and cooking at home.  I was able to work on the very things that I've wanted to improve for a long time.  The best part of working with Luz was knowing my daughter had a place to talk about these important and lifelong issues in an honest and supportive relationship." (A.A., 5/8/15)

"She digged into the real secrets of weight loss and nutrition that no one ever talks about.  She talks about what goes through your mind when you eat, the psychological reasons for why we eat.  She showed me the nutritional value of the kinds of food that we eat.  She was very helpful and supportive.  She treats everyone equally."  (P.A.G., age 13, 5/8/15)

​"Working with Luz was a life changing experience.  She's incredibly gentle, yet firm, supportive and knows how to tailor the health coaching program to your needs.  Personally, my relationship to food changed tremendously in the short time we worked together.  I highly recommend working with her, she has so much patience, love and wisdom."  (F.S., 4/30/15)